Best/Worst Job

It’s safe to say that my worst job was simultaneously my best job. I’ve been working at my parents restaraunt since I was 15, and although for the longest time it felt like a drag, looking back at it I can see how much the experience has taught me. 

My father was strict with his schedules and never allowed my sister and I to get special treatment. We worked the same shifts, and got paid the same amount as everybody else . Although he didn’t treat us any better than the other people, sadly at times he would treat us worse. Being his children he felt it was appropriate to yell at us for any mistake we made, yet he felt it was unprofessional to yell at any of the other waitresses. He also claimed my sister was a distraction to my work, so he would intentionally send her to a different location to work almost as a punishment which made it worse since the time always seemed to drag.

While working there I would look forward to the day my father sold out. and the day came this Thanksgiving where the papers were signed for all four locations, and I couldn’t believe how sad I was. It was ironic since I thought of this day for years, associating it with more happy emotions.


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