My Worst Job

When I was in high school I was a receptionist/hostess at a fancy country club.  I was terrible at both roles.  As a receptionist I would take dinner reservations over the phone, taking the person’s party size and preferred time, but would forget to ask them for their name!  Needless to say, I messed up quite a few dinner plans back then.  Then, as a hostess, I would be asked to do little tasks around the restaurant’s kitchen during down time when I wasn’t seating members at their dinner tables.  I was once asked to make coffee, and had never done it before.  The giant, industrial sized coffee machine was more than intimidating to me.  I threw a couple flimsy filters in the machine and pushed a button.  Nothing happened immediately so I pushed the button again and again, and left the kitchen.  Ten minutes later, the head chef angrily came out of the kitchen demanding to know why there was a huge puddle of coffee covering half the kitchen floor.  I was completely mortified.  This job lasted a whole summer.  I’m not sure why they never fired me! 


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