Worst and Best Job

I think the worst experience I’ve ever had at a job included putting my safety in danger, although (before that experience) I felt like that was my favorite job or place to be. I worked at an Italian bakery called Veniero’s as a takeout server, so we encountered lots of different people; old, young, high, drunk (all of which tested our patience and skill in customer service). I think one lady felt disrespected when another server told her they don’t sell flan, and what she was pointing to was, in fact, cheesecake. She walked out of the store and my coworker went on to enjoy her lunch break, leaving me behind the counter by myself. I guess the lady’s macho boyfriend (who was, actually, really tall, large, and threatening) wanted to stick up for her, so he reentered the shop and cursed me out, not leaving out the threats to hit me, then continued to storm out the shop. That night, I told my supervisor about how shaken up I was, and he just said “whenever that happens, tell them there are cameras!” I realized if that was the only protection the ladies behind the counter was offered, it was my time to go, especially being that we got off every night at 1am. I quit!


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