Martin Eden

Martin Eden struggle and inspiration of being a working-writer comes from the experience of his reality. As told by the narrator into the insight of Eden, “The joy of creation that is supposed to belong to the gods was his. The real world was in his mind, and the stories he wrote were so many pieces of reality out of his mind.”(132) His multiple attempts to make a living off writing made Martin Eden doubt his own abilities, but give him determination to continue, for the one woman that taught him, and actually make Eden feel love, Ruth. “He lived every moment of his waking hours, and he lived in his sleep, his subjective mind rioting through his five hours of surcease and combining the thoughts and events of the day into grotesque and impossible marvels. In reality, he never rested, and a weaker body or a less firmly poised brain would have been prostrated in a general breakdown.”(137) When does the act of working become so tiresome, that aspirations and dreams are far away? For Martin Eden, it’s doesn’t.

In many ways, Martin Eden is obsessed with knowledge, and which he “spent long hours in the free reading-room, going over what others had written, studying their work eagerly and critically, comparing it with his own, and wondering, wondering, about the secret trick they had discovered which enabled them to sell their work.”(159) Not only for his own personal gain, Eden does this for Ruth, and that in some sense, he is writing to repay Ruth for the knowledge.


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