reflections on post #1

We’ll discuss this in class for a few minutes tomorrow, but I wanted to give a quick sketch of things to keep in mind as you prepare your second post (due this Friday, 2/14).  In order of importance:

  1. Ummm… Actually do the assignment, and do it on time.
    1. An alert student told me about a problem with posting from phone/pad, whereby post seems to be up but remains in draft.  Two solutions: a)  use a real computer to actually post and b) check the blog to see if your post shows up after you post.
  2.  Analyze, don’t summarize:
    1. As in all literary criticism, assume your audience knows the plot and characters, so jump off from this point and show us something casual readers will have missed about the text.
    2. In other words, a good thesis says something a little “weird” about the text.
  3.  Right-size your thesis: you have 400+ words, so find something small enough within the ocean of the novel to buoy yourself.
  4.  Use evidence: the most brilliant argument will only convince us if you support it with a bit of citation/paraphrase. Most of you did this, but it bears repeating.
  5.  Proofread: it’s an informal assignment, but in the spellcheck era, there should be good spelling and decently constructed sentences.

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