Eden’s Positive Mind state

Throughout the novel of Martin Eden, we as the readers see how determined he is. Martin, although knowing that he is not part of Ruth’s social class, he works his best to not really be high class but demonstrate that he is an educated young man. In  my opinion, at first I though he was doing this all for a girl’s attention. As I kept reading, I cam to the conclusion that Martin Eden did not really do what he did for Ruth, but he did it for himself.

At first, he is impressed by the way Ruth talks and analysis works that he may have not heard about but just seen the title of books that were in the room of the setting in the first chapters. Then, he starts to have a positive view on how he can become a writer just like the authors of the books. All can say that he is a hard worker. He uses every last dime he has in order to get his work published but fails. After failing, he starts working in a low income job like doing others laundry to get his work published again. This shows his determination. Although failing, Martin is not giving up. As the looks of it, this career is for him and his way of showing that he has the ability to write.

As we saw in chapter twenty two, Ruth does not give him any motivation. She states “the fee of a clown” She thinks of it as a joke. Her point of view on this career is that he will never move up. He will stay in the same place where he started. As a reader, I find it upsetting that she did not want to motivate him and give him positive thoughts and words to keep writing and keep trying and trying. If she found him to be an alright guy, she could have been there more for him instead of bringing him down.


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