Gameplan for Friday’s class

Just a quick clarification re: plans for Friday’s class.  Here’s the gameplan:
1. Finish our discussion of ON THE LINE, including a brief discussion of the Aronowitz reading.  Re: the Aronowitz reading, in light of our being behind, let’s just focus on pp. 21-50 (the chapter on the Lordstown GM plant in the 60s).  We won’t spend a ton of time on this, but the article is fascinating in light of Swados’s depiction of the younger generation of disgruntled workers.
2. Discuss the Terkel/Pekar edition of WORKING.  It’s a pretty quick read, though of course one can spend hours picking apart the details.  Read the various prefatory stuff (a paragraph from Pekar, a longish essay by Terkel, and a short essay by Buhle) and the comics from the first two sections (“Working the Land” and “Pecking Order”).  In my edition, it’s pp. 1-58, though I think there may be some discrepancy between editions.  Make sure to get the Pekar comic-book adaptation of WORKING, not the text-only original from the 1970s!



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