couple of announcements

Welcome back from what I hope was at least a somewhat leisurely break.  Just a reminder of what we’re up to tomorrow:


  1. Elevator pitch: I’d like to hear from each of you a pithy statement of topic for your final paper.  This could contain a kernel of an argument, or a handful of interesting sources you’ve identified; it should certainly contain some kind of question you have that you want to answer with your argument in the future.  Two minute time limit, and I will give you the hook at two minutes so we have time to hear from everyone, so practice your pitch a couple of times before bed with a stopwatch.
  2. Kuzru: You should have read through p. 185, though I doubt we’ll make it that far in our discussion.  Also, I’ve asked you to read some of Andrew Ross’s NO COLLAR for tomorrow: only ch 6 is required, though the rest is also helpful.
  3. Packer: I’ve updated the syllabus to include page #s for the Packer book.  It’s super-long and I don’t want to burden you with too much reading while you’re working on final paper, so we’re just reading the first two parts of the book (a mere 276 pp.).

See you tomorrow.


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