Here are some essential links to resources we’ll be using throughout the course:

  • Blackboard site: sigh. I might still use Bb for the gradebook, though I’m looking for an alternative. Everything else will happen here on the blog.
  • CUNY+: one-stop shopping for finding books in our library and across the CUNY system. Books from other CUNY libraries can be accessed using CLICS and usually arrive within a few days, so don’t limit yourself to books at Hunter.
  • The WordPress Codex is one-stop shopping for all WP-related problems and tips. Novices might start with the excellent and brief video on publishing posts, and those who want more options/detail could move on to the introduction to blogging and then the “get published” lesson: both contain way more detail than you need, since I’ve configured everything and you just need to enter text. But for those who are curious, or who might like to include links, images, etc. in a given post, it’s very helpful.
  • Books that Shaped Work in America: Dept of Labor’s attempt to draw attention to the literature of labor.  You can submit your own suggestions, too.  Let’s create a groundswell for the underappreciated Harvey Swados!
  • Working-Class Perspectives blog: wonderful blog sponsored by Center for Working-Class Studies in Youngstown, OH.
  • Labor Arts: wonderful collection  of visual art and other bits of material culture that engage/represent the world of work.  Tip of the hat to John Kim for pointing it out.
  • Digital Labor Working Culture: Blog and site created by CUNY Ph.D. candidates whose work touches on “digital labor.”  Highly relevant to what we’re doing!  Again, thanks to John Kim.
  • Feel free to send suggestions for any relevant sites or pages  you find on the web or via our library resources. 

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